Halloween style for your furry friends!

Whether we like it or not (but we definitely like it!) Halloween is QUICKLY approaching!

For any procrastinators out there…myself included….I was at the store this weekend looking for a costume of my own and picking up candy for my bucket to hand out since I realized we are only one week away. My Halloween mission was a success but there is one other thing I had to think about this year that is new for me!

I became a loving “dog mom” in the past year and so this is my first year celebrating the holidays with my sweet goldendoodle, Luna. As I was at the store I was remembering that she can’t go without a costume!!! So that also became part of my mission.

As usual, Target came through, and I was able to find a costume that I thought would be a perfect fit for Luna and it was only 6 dollars. There were quite a few options to choose from but I didn’t want to have a full-bodied costume, so this alternative was something just for her to wear on her head! If you look quickly enough I think you would actually mistake her for an octopus 😉


In the photo she looks just about as happy as I expected she would. Also, behind the scenes you couldn’t see the 10 minute struggle it took to get this semi-decent photo and then I think she had shook it off of her head about 1/10th of a second after I snapped the photo! In my mind, it was worth it just to have this picture 🙂 We will give it another try on Halloween night and see if it happens to last any longer so she can show her smiling half dog/half octopus face to the kids who come trick or treating at my door!

For all of you who now have your creative juices flowing about what costume to get for your furry friend: don’t worry! We have more ideas for you….Elvis and Izzie were also lucky enough to get in on the costume action this weekend and put on a small fashion show so we could have these great pictures.

Luna’s octopus costume is only one example in a HUGE category of animal costumes you could snag for your dog or cat (or fish or bird….or hamster….reptile…) Here is another classic animal option: the Bumblebee!


When many humans are looking for Halloween costumes we tend to turn our minds to Hollywood, movies, and beloved stars. All of these categories can also apply to our family pets and the bulldogs can prove that! Check out these many other options that can be pulled off by your canine friends!


Our friend on the left looks like she could be leading us down the yellow brick road….I would certainly trust her!!

Our friend in the middle is an extremely convincing cowboy and he even slightly resembles Woody from the beloved Toy Story.

Lastly, our friend on the right is quite the intimidating pirate who looks like he could get anyone to hand over their treasure. The only thing he’s missing is a hook for one leg (or a wooden leg!) but we didn’t want to ask too much of him 🙂

The Bully Brew Blog team hopes that this post made you laugh and also has given you some ideas to get your pet dressed up to celebrate Halloween if you haven’t bought a costume for them yet! As I mentioned above, even if they don’t wear it for long I think you will get its worth in pictures of your animals wearing them!

We would also like to encourage all of you to share photos of your furry friends with us in their costumes because we would LOVE to get some more ideas for next year and it will put a smile on our faces to see your pets in their dress up clothes!!

Our hope is that all of you have a very spooky and safe Halloween that involves lots of candy, laughs, photos, and memories made. Make sure to stop in to Bully Brew this week to get your fall-drink fix as our great pumpkin and apple specialties are still available and make a great addition to your day with this crisp fall weather we are having.

See you next Sunday from all of us here the blog! Thanks so much for reading and don’t forget to share your photos with us! #bullybrewblog


With love and coffee,

Bully Brew


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