Every year, twice a year, we take on the task of changing each and every clock in our house in observance of either “falling back” or “springing forward” to keep with daylight savings.

In March of this year we are all sprung forward and this morning at 2am we had our annual falling back. For many of us this meant an extra hour of sleep this morning, or if you’re me I woke up around my usual time but just was surprised to see how early it was and how awake I felt! I also was happy to see the sun shining behind my blinds since I have been waking up to dark for the last few weeks :).

If you’re like me, you know what to do in March and November in the event of daylight saving time but don’t really understand what it’s all about or know the reasoning behind why we do it. I decided to do a little research and found a LOT of interesting facts that I never knew before about this unique semi-annual occurrence. The article I found most helpful was on Upworthy called “Everything I thought I knew about daylight saving time was wrong”

  • Not all countries and nations in the world observe daylight saving time. More than 70 countries, the US included, do observe it but more than 100 countries do not.
  • Within the US, the states of Arizona and Hawaii opt out of DST and keep with their regular daylight schedule throughout the year without moving their clocks
  • To make things even MORE interesting Arizona, not ALL parts of Arizona opt of out DST….the Navajo Nation in Arizona DOES choose to observe DST. Talk about confusing, huh? I wouldn’t want to figure out what time I needed to be out a meeting out of town in Arizona!
  • Daylight saving time is observed on specific days of the year. Springing forward always occurs on the 2nd Sunday of March, while Falling back occurs on the 1st Sunday of November each year.
  • A very interesting and timely fact: Prior to 2007 DST used to have it’s “fall back” date at the end of October instead of early November. Part of the reason for the proposal of the extension of DST to early November was the hopes that it would encourage more people to turn up at the polls on Election Day (always the  2nd Tuesday of November). The reasoning behind this was that more people would consider turning up at the polls if it was still light out when they were returning from work on Election Day.
  • Babies born on on a DST observance day can have some strange things happen with birth time and order. On our “spring back” day in March there are never any babies born between 2am and 3am. During the “fall back” day in November, if there are twins born and one is born prior to 2am and then other after 2am (when the fall back occurs) then the 2nd child born during that hour is actually born during the hour between 1am and 2am…..making them the first born twin on paper. I can imagine the “who’s older” arguments between those sets of twins becoming pretty intense 🙂

At Bully Brew we hope everyone has been enjoying the beautiful weather this weekend and we hope you were able to make use of your extra hour this weekend; whether it was for an extra hour of sleep or an extra hour of coffee drinking 🙂 We will leave you with some DST humor for your Sunday night. Have a great week! Don’t forget to stop in and visit us for your favorite drinks and food this week!!!



With love and coffee,

Bully Brew


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