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We all know that recycling is good, right? RIGHT! And November 15th is America Recycles Day! Recycling is super cool and can be really fun as well. I am so excited to share my thoughts with you all!

When I was a young one in Girl Scouts (middle school Silver-Award project) I was fortunate enough to spend a year on a recycling project. Our goal was to introduce new ways to reduce our waste, reuse what we can, and recycle in unique ways (Here is a puppet show we created for Dakota Media Access television that I wanted to include for your viewing pleasure). We were able to put together a full camp for the younger troops with everything we came up with.

I would love to share some of my personal favorite ways to help create a greener environment!

REDUCE: verb  To make smaller or less in amount, degree, or size. reduce-reuse-recycle

When talking about our environment, reducing our waste can be one of the simplest and most beneficial things we can do. One simple step can change our environment for the better. Here are some tips and ideas that might work for you:

  • Buy in bulk – by buying in bulk, you are reducing the cost of packaging versus buying smaller quantities more often that results in more waste for the same amount of product.
  • Avoid convenience products such as paper plates and plastic silverware whenever possible. It may be annoying to wash so many dishes, but our Earth does not like breaking down many of these products. A super great thing you can do is ask for a mug at Bully Brew! You can order your favorite drink in a mug, it doesn’t have to be drip coffee. If you need it to go, bring in a mug/thermos of your own!
  • For students such as myself, we go through a lot of paper. For my one lab this semester, I used all of my student printing within 3 weeks. It was easy to buy a cheap printer and print at home. I could also print double-sided this way and my TA didn’t mind. You can also try typing notes for class in a Word document rather than filling up a million notebooks a year that usually get tossed in the trash. Deleting a notes document doesn’t hurt our Earth!

REUSE: verb  To use again or more than once.


Reusing (also called up-cycling) can be a lot simpler than you might think. There are many ways to incorporate this into your own everyday personal life!

  • Turn old clothing into a craft. By doing this, it saves space in the landfill and allows you to get a little creative! When the cold weather sets in and you’re stuck inside, think about going through old summer clothes than you no longer wear or want and turn them into a blanket quilt that will keep you cozy through the winter, or make a shag rug to keep wet boots on! My mom made me a shag rug for a house-warming gift when I moved into my first apartment, and the memories associated with certain shirts that were used are priceless (and it adds a great pop of color to my room!)
  • Use reusable shopping bags rather than plastic. I don’t know about you, but I have a drawer full of plastic bags that never get used. I’ve had intentions of using them as garbage bags, but I end up buying cheap trash bags. Rather than take up drawer space and landfill space, it would be much simpler to purchase a few cloth bags! Plus, they are much more durable than plastic grocery bags,
  • For my Girl Scouts Silver Award project, my most vivid memory was turning old milk carton lids into jewelry and Christmas tree ornaments! It was super easy to do as well. Take a lid, drill a small hole and thread with a chain or string, and add stickers, glitter glue, and gems! My favorite was when I made an ornament for my sister using red glitter and crushed candy canes!  The gallon itself also it a great reusable tool. I have used milk jugs to put homemade Eco-friendly laundry soap in, and kids get a kick out of using them as piggy banks!

RECYCLE: verb  To convert waste into reusable material.

When we think of recycling, most of are likely to think of the green bins we put our trash in, but what happens after that? Many products can be recycled and made into something that can be used again. Here are some ways that you yourself can recycle:

  • Buy products made from recycled materials, or look for products that can be recycled. Many of our products here at Bully Brew are easy to recycle! You will see many different symbols that indicate the category in which products can be recycled, and here is a handy place to look for those of you earth-lovers and curious minds!
  • Collect cans, bottles, metals, plastics, glass, and paper products to take to the local recycling centers around! Grand Forks and Fargo have several places to take your recyclables. MinnKota in both Grand Forks and Fargo is a great place to start!
  • Start you own “collection site” and turn it into a friendly competition! If you have kids, it can be fun to have them be on the look-out for things in your home that can be recycled. On campus, it can be a great initiative to collect recyclables and make a greener campus! An added bonus is that some places pay you to recycle!


 If you would love some more information and ways you can reduce, reuse, and recycle, check here or here!

With Love and Coffee,

Bully Brew






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