Let me start off by saying this is not some cliche blog telling you how to change your life. This is a blog offering suggestions and insight on what it might mean to make meaningful resolutions for this coming year.

I think it is safe to say that 2016 was not a great year for many of us. Hardships, politics, deaths, life’s curves. 2017 is our new year. 2016 is soon to be history.

Here is what I want to make myself truly new with my resolutions in 2017:

I want to make myself a priority. I don’t mean this in a selfish way! I have learned just in the last few months that self love is very important. I used to be so consumed with  school and pleasing everyone, until my mother sent me a page from a kitten calendar I had given her for Christmas that read “health is more important than learning.” If I’m being being honest, which is my intention for this article, I rolled my eyes when I opened the letter containing the picture. I thought I had it all together and I was doing just fine, that the mental and emotional breakdowns were normal in college. It took a while for me to realize what it actually meant. I started doing yoga, went to the gym more often, studied outside in the fresh air, and spent more quality time with people close to me. This is something I am eager to take with me in 2017.


For many college students such as myself, managing money can be a burden. One of my own biggest resolutions for this coming year is budgeting! At times, I had enough money for rent and necessities, but nothing else. Other months I was just fine. Money is not something I want to focus on! Just yesterday, I spent some time putting together a budgeting binder where I can track income and daily expenses. Pinterest has this one that I particularly like. I chose to make a very similar one in Excel with categories that fit my needs better. I would like to be more money-conscious in the coming year.

Journaling is something I enjoyed in elementary school to vent to myself, but I think it could be very beneficial once again. Pinterest (I know, I’m obsessed) has many lists of monthly journaling prompts. I would love to start journaling as a way to reflect on myself and my life, as well as using it as a way to relax at the end of the day. I have always loved to write, hence why Sandi asked me if I wanted to write these blogs bi-monthly. Writing is something that clears my head and boosts my mood. Now that I have completed my English requirements, I will take writing into my own hands.

I have also realized how much I long to be healthier. Not necessarily lose weight, although I wouldn’t complain, but I want to eat healthier and exercise more. All to often I sit on the couch binge watching Netflix and snacking on jalapeno kettle chips. It’s great for a while, but my body hates me for it. Less Pepsi, more tea. Less chips, more fruit. Less baked goods, more veggies. We might say this every year, but how often do we keep the resolution? This could be the year we take back our health. For real. I got new Nikes for Christmas so I’m ready!


It might sound strange to some people, but this year I would like to practice more natural medicine. For the majority of 2016, I refused to take any medication unless I felt I really needed to. I personally suffer from chronic headaches due to several factors, and I never wanted to be a teenager who took painkillers every day. My grandma gave me a starter kit of essential oils a few months ago, and I haven’t looked back. The all-so-wonderful Pinterest gave me many ideas for blends to use in roller balls or a diffuser. I use them to get a deeper sleep, relieve headache pains, soothe my muscles after a workout, apply to my skin to heal blemishes, help with the pain of an incoming wisdom tooth, etc. I ♥ essential oils. I also really enjoy using Epsom salts in a hot bath to soothe a sore neck and back. Ahhh. For some reason, I have never felt comfortable taking pain relievers. I am thankful to have discovered natural healing and it is something I wish to continue with in 2017.


Lastly, in 2017 I am making the resolution to love more. Humans seem to be wired to hold grudges and hate, but this isn’t who we were meant to be. We could all benefit from a nice cup of coffee and conversation! It’s time to forgive those who did us wrong. It’s time to express gratitude toward those we love and appreciate. I realize this is easier said than done, but resolutions are meant to challenge us in new ways. I invite my readers to join me in forgiving and forgetting in 2017 so that we can be happier for ourselves. I apologize for being cheesy, but I felt the need to share my thoughts with you all. May 2017 be the year we all become our happiest. ♥

With love and lots and lots of coffee,

Bully Brew


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