Ahhh. Netflix. Coffee. These are two of our favorite words.

Today us baristas thought it would be fun to pair certain Netflix binge-worthy shows with the perfect coffee drinks! We don’t know about you, but we think some shows just need that special cup of coffee.

  • Gilmore Girls
    • House Brew

If you have ever seen Gilmore Girls, you know that Lorelei and Rory can never go a day without a good cup of plain-Jane coffee from Luke’s Diner.


Lorelei and Rory are our spirit animals for sure. Sometimes we get emotional about coffee, especially when the dynamic due are bonding and crying over coffee. SO many feels. But coffee helps us get through it.

Next time you decide to re-watch the entire series like we have, try pairing it with your favorite coffee from Bully Brew and stream it over our free wifi. Boom.

  • Making a Murderer
    • Caramel Machiatto

Making a Murderer is an Netflix Original Documentary telling the story of Steven Avery and his possible involvement with the murder of a young Wisconsin woman. The show is full of questions and suspicion and accusers. If you enjoy shows full of layers and intensity, you would enjoy this show. To make it even better, pair it with a caramel machiatto, also also intensely layered and addictive.


By the end of one episode, see if you have more questions than there are layers in your drink… or at least we did.

  • The Office
    • The Sizzle

Bully Brew’s unique twist on the ever-delicious Italian Soda is the perfect pairing to go with watching 20 episodes of The Office in a day. Lemon lime soda and any fruity syrup your heart desires is sure to amplify your viewing pleasure. We believe the Sizzle is a great choice because the characters in the show are bubbly and unique. They also have distinct personalities, just like the Sizzle has a unique and distinct flavor.


If Michael Scott were to try a Sizzle, we imagine he would have an answer like this.

  • Fuller House
    • Café Mocha 

If you grew up watching Full House like many of us at Bully Brew did, you will take comfort in watching the revival series on Netflix. For us, a major comfort drink is a café mocha with plenty of whipped cream. When is chocolate not comforting?? Never. The mocha can be made even more comforting if you take it to-go and settle into the couch with coffee in hand and Fuller House streaming. Find a nice fuzzy blanket since it is January in North Dakota after all, and enjoy a relaxing afternoon!


  • Parenthood
    • Chai Latte 

Parenthood is such a sweet show. It is an emotional rollercoaster for many, so watcher beware! We think this show is definitely a chai latte kind of show. Chai is deliciously sweet and comforting and warms the soul. This show warms our soul. There are so many relatable and real scenarios in Parenthood.


You will most likely cry on more than one occasion, but a chai latte will always be there to comfort you. We ♥ chai lattes.


  • House of Cards
    • Americano

Nothing goes better with a show about politics than a classic Americano. American government. Americano. Get it? An Americano is very to-the-point. The main character, unlike other characters, looks straight to the camera to explain to viewers his thoughts and what is going on. He makes it so nothing is complicated. Americanos aren’t complicated either, just espresso and water. Just how we like it.


The next time you are deciding what to watch on Netflix, stop by Bully Brew and try something on this list! Also, if you have any ideas to add, let us know in the comments!

With love and coffee,

Bully Brew ♥


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