There are things that you should know before dating a coffee drinker and lover. Here is a short list of things we think you should know! If you are the coffee fanatic in your relationship, how well do you connect with these?

  1. Be prepared for coffee breath.

Not all people enjoy kissing a mouth that smells like coffee. We don’t understand either. If you are dating a coffee lover, you need to realize that coffee breath will be a thing. If you don’t like it, but them some gum.


2. You never have to guess where his/her extra $$$ has gone.

It’s no secret your lover spends a lot of money on coffee. It’s totally worth every penny. There is no point in arguing with him/her about where the remainder of their paycheck has gone because you know they drank it.



3.Don’t mess with them before they have had their morning coffee.

Do you ever try to mess with your significant other early in the morning and they just aren’t having it? Before coffee, nothing is OK. Don’t mess with us or try to be funny or tell us what we need to get done today. We need to be caffeinated to take on life’s challenges. It’s a relationship rule.



4. They will always try and make you taste their coffee drink.

We just want you to like what we like. It’s called love. Sure, you usually drink a sugary frappuccino, but we want you to taste this double shot with just a hint of cream. We know you won’t like it, but it’s actually really funny to see your reaction.



5. Learn your significant other’s favorite drink.

True love is bringing your lover a cup of coffee without being prompted. It is the best when we are having a bad day and you surprise us with our favorite drink. Sometimes coffee is the only thing that can turn the day around! 95ea6c4dab2e33a745c943bcfd1c5ede


6.Often times your significant other will want to stop for a coffee break while running               errands.

You can’t expect us to get through all of our shopping and errands without some fuel! We need coffee to get through it. Crowds, no parking spaces, green beans are out of stock…. yeah you get the point. We feel like we can take on the world if we cruise those grocery store aisles with a cup of coffee in hand.



7. There is bound to be a designated area for coffee and coffee machines.

Your coffee-loving lover does not always have time to make a coffee run before work. They have most likely bought some of their favorite beans from Bully Brew and they brew up a cup in the Keurig while eating breakfast. But they also have a personal espresso machine for when they want something other than drip coffee. And they probably have a cold brew pitcher as well for something cold and quick. Plus they need some syrups to make gourmet drinks at home, plus a milk frother and pitcher to make steamed milk for lattes and cappuccinos!



8.Some of your most memorable and special moments are shared over a cup of coffee.

As it was in my case, my current 3-year relationship started over a cup of coffee. Anything can happen… first dates, conversations about the future, wedding planning, deep talks, tears, laughs, and so much more can be celebrated with coffee!. We think it is so special when two can bond and enjoy coffee together and make memories with each other.




With love and coffee dates,

Bully Brew ♥♥♥


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