This week we are talking about Lent-friendly lunch options that are now available at Bully Brew!

As many of you probably don’t know, all of Bully Brew’s panini sandwiches are named after our employee’s furry friends!

The Elvis and Izzie sandwiches are named after the famous Bully Brew bulldogs.The Hemi is named after Elvis’s daddy. He used to be a popular show dog and weighed in at nearly 80 pounds! Bella was Elvis’s mother, may she rest in Doggy Heaven. The Luna is named after manager Rihana’s kitten.

elvis           14021727_945004558943105_1747035435825362019_n

                                Elvis                                                                           Izzie

13139176_882846791825549_5820977717274218179_n     resized_20170216_173043

                              Bella                                                             Luna

Being that March and April are the months of Lent, Bully Brew is pleased to present the new Zella panini, as well as reintroduce the Mischa panini sandwich!

The Zella is a spin-off of the Izzie panini. It takes the pesto and mozzarella that you already love, and indulges your taste buds even more with a delicious brushetta. My mouth is watering just typing that out. The Zella is named after barista Summer’s cat.


Zella is ~chubby~ and will eat almost anything. She would probably love the Zella panini. (She is my cat and I couldn’t choose just one picture!)


The Mischa is our classic tuna panini named after our Melissa’s kitty, Mischa!


Tuna is one of the most popular Lent-friendly meals, so we hope that you stop by Bully Brew and try ours!

You don’t have to be participating in Lent in order to enjoy our great new sandwiches! We have something that is sure to please everyone. Once you try our new panini sandwiches, look here for recipes you can make at home!

With love, coffee, and panini sandwiches,

Bully Brew ♥


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