Happy April from all of us here at Bully Brew!

Yesterday was April Fool’s Day. Today we look back at some of the funniest, cruelest, and most iconic pranks!

  • Decaf
    • As an avid coffee lover, we would be very angry if someone swapped our usual morning latte for a decaf latte. We rely on the morning jolt to make it through the day! However, if you aren’t the one on the receiving end, this can be quite funny! (p.s. No customers were given decaf yesterday unless requested!)


  • Meatball Cake Pop
    • This one is cruel. You see a beautiful cake pop, frosted a pearly white with a sugar decoration and sprinkles. Your mouth waters and as you bite in….. meatball. If they had a BBQ glaze it would make a great appetizer, but not so much with frosting and sprinkles.


  • Bouillon Shower
    • Step 1: Remove shower head
    • Step 2: Place bouillon cube in shower head
    • Step 3: Replace shower head
    • Step 4: Prepare to be hated and never trusted again


  • Macaroni cheese powder drink
    • This is too funny! Take the cheese powder from a package of boxed macaroni and cheese and an empty orange juice bottle and let the fun begin! Simply empty the cheese powder into the empty bottle, add warm water and mix until dissolved, and place in fridge for the victim to grab. Muahaha.




For other ideas to get a head start for next year, check out onecrazyhouse.com!

What is the best/worse prank you have ever pulled? Have you had any good pranks pulled on you?? Let us know!

With love and coffee,

Bully Brew Coffee ♥


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