Celebrating National Siblings Day

Tomorrow is one of our previously mentioned “Reasons to Celebrate in April”…it’s National Siblings Day!

April 10th is a special day that is meant to be used as a way to honor the relationship between you and your siblings. Whether that is one brother or sister, or 5!

I was lucky enough to grow up with a younger brother. Even though a lot of days were far from “sunshine and roses” I wouldn’t trade being able to have such a special sibling relationship for the world. When we were younger it was always the best to have a built in playmate, support system, and maybe someone to gang up on mom and dad with (haha!)

During our middle and high school years it felt more difficult to connect because we had different interests and were both going through awkward stages of life where it’s not always “cool” to be close with your siblings. I am three years older than my brother and when I moved away for college it was a tough transition moving to a new city away from my family.

I feel that when I left the house I became closer with my brother and we stayed in contact a lot more when we had been apart for weeks or months at a time. Three years later when it came time for my brother to choose a college I was thrilled when he decided to move to Fargo and attend the same school as me!

We spent a year of overlap at NDSU together, myself as a senior and him as a freshman. We had a lot of fun meeting up with each other on campus to eat at the dining center or going out for dinner every once and awhile to catch up and see how everything was going. Now I am wrapped up with college, working in a full-time career, attending grad school part time, and living back in my hometown of Grand Forks. My brother attended NDSU for his first two years, but just this past summer he made a big move and transfer to the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota in the twin cities. It’s been especially tough to have him 4-5 hours away now that we have grown in to an adult sibling relationship. But I am so happy that current technology allows us to FaceTime and text throughout the weeks to keep caught up with eachother’s lives.

Even though I won’t get to be with my brother tomorrow to celebrate National Siblings Day, I was able to see him this weekend for the first time since February!! We shared a cup of coffee today so that will have to carry me to tomorrow 🙂

Those of you that have siblings: Take some time out of your day tomorrow to do something special for them or just give them a call to remind them how much they mean to you. If you live in the same town as them, grab lunch with them or swing by their office in the afternoon to deliver their favorite coffee drink from Bully Brew!!

Here is a photo of me and my brother Brady! Please share photos of your siblings; we would love to see them!!



With love and coffee,


Bully Brew


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