Earth Day is April 22nd!

Bully Brew encourages you to bring in your own cup or have an in-house mug! We also greatly appreciate if you leave your cup sleeves to be reused!

One super cool thing about Earth Day is that it is always April 22., marking the anniversary of the modern environmental movement that began in 1970! It’s also super cool that each year has a different campaign. 2017’s campaign is environmental and climate literacy. This means becoming more educated and aware of the threats of climate change as well as environmental laws and climate laws.

It sounds like a lot, but Earth Day is about taking care of our planet!

The Earth Day Network provides a lot of great information if you are curious about learning more about this year’s campaign.

Here at Bully Brew, we want to join with you (YES YOU) in caring for our Earth!

One way that you can do your part in taking care of the planet is by picking up trash. It’s not as gross as you might think, though. North Dakota can often become cluttered with trash when winds blow and garbage flies around and gets caught in fences and stuck in ditches. All you need is a large trash bag and some gloves. Head out around your neighborhood with a few friends and pick up some garbage! Just make sure you dispose of the bag when you are finished.

Another easy thing you can do is reuse. You can find a ton of ideas on ways to reuse bottles, milk jugs, etc. You can save plastic grocery bags from the store and use them to store things around your house, or use them as small trash bags. Even better yet, you can get reusable shopping bags and keep them in your car. We also have another blog completely about reduce, reuse, and recycle so check it out!

Saving energy is a great way to help the Earth. All too often we leave the lights or TV on when we leave a room, but it is so easy to flip the switch and save energy. Another way to save energy is by running your washer with cold water rather than warm. Clothes still get clean and it also saves you money, so WIN-WIN.

Save water. This is hard for a lot of us, unfortunately. A long hot shower is just so nice after a long day, you know? But saving the planet feels even better. When washing your dishes, a half sink of water cleans just as well as a completely full sink.

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Grand Forks and Fargo have events going on around town to take part in Earth Day 2017:

Grand Forks Public Learning Garden

UND Dining Center

NDSU Campus Live: Earth Day Celebration                                      earth-hands-jpg

And so much more!


With love and coffee,

Bully Brew ♥



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