Mark your calendars for this Wednesday, April 26th to celebrate the Administrative Professionals in your life. Many of you may work in a traditional office setting and you have that superstar who somehow manages to keep you and the rest of your office mates on the same page. Others of you may not have someone like that in your office but know others who work in similar professions.

Since our world is turning away from the “traditional” model of work settings in many cases a lot of us may also know people who have all of traits and skills of an admin worker in an office and they put those skills to use by running their own in-home business, take on the challenge of starting their own business, or use the skills to just simply run their household.

Individuals who we could consider “pros” in the administrative sector possess a lot of skills that are hard to master. Some of the biggest ones that come to mind are:

  • Ā  Communications skills of all kinds – specifically phone skills:
    • As our technology landscape changes fewer and fewer people want to talk on the phone. Younger generations spend more of their time communicating through texts and apps in their personal lives and then email in the workplace. Having the skill of phone etiquette and the ability to make phones calls, leave detailed and concise messages, and convey friendliness over the phone is far from easy.
  • Planning and Organization:
    • The administrative assistant at my office is the scheduling queen. She knows how to keep myself and my coworkers in order with our appointments, keeps our calendars in check, and helps to greet everyone who arrives at the office and get them set up with their next steps.
    • She also does a fantastic job of planning for events and when we have things happening outside of the office she knows all of the supplies and materials we will need. She gets us packed up and prepared so that we arrive with everything we need and look put together šŸ™‚
  • Computer and Filing:
    • Other common duties of an admin role surround the organization of physical and electronic files. As most companies move to entirely electronic storage of records there is a lot of data to keep track of and ensure is easy to access by anyone that needs it. I have also seen many filing cabinets and backrooms that are DISASTROUS but if you send someone with a knack for organization to tackle it you will be amazed at what they can do to get things in order.
  • General Friendliness and Patience:
    • I am always thankful for people who can be unfailingly friendly and nice to everyone they meet; no matter the situation. I also happen to be someone who could use some assistance in the patience category because it’s a trait that has often been difficult for me to exercise. This makes me especially thankful for co-workers and others that I know who can always exhibit a calm grace with others even when situations get difficult.

If after reading these qualities you are thinking of a few people in your head who you know contribute these skill to your office, life, and family then you have someone to be VERY thankful for this coming Wednesday šŸ™‚

This day poses the perfect opportunity for you to show him or her how much you appreciate them and the excellent work that they do. As I had mentioned earlier I think our office manager is the person who keeps us glued together with our heads on straight!! Without her I would have a difficult time getting my job done well or even getting my job done at all!

My plan is to take a trip to Bully Brew either right away in the morning or on my lunch break on Wednesday to pick up her favorite drink and a treat to show her how much I appreciate all that she does for our office. It might be a small token in comparison to the size of the thanks I’m looking to give but sometimes the smallest gifts can make the largest impacts.

When you swing in to do the same for your favorite (or multiple favorite!) administrative professionals on Wednesday make sure you ask your friendly Bully Brew barista if you are looking for some recommendations or new drinks to try our new sweet treats that might make a great addition to your gift!

Have a wonderful week! With love and coffee,

Bully Brew




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