Dad’s day!

Dad’s are not always easy to shop for, I think we can all agree. I always get my dad the same thing each year (huge bag of peanut M&Ms) but he really doesn’t need that! In this edition of the #bullybrewblog we will help you with finding the perfect gift for the dad in your life!

  1. Coffee

Coffee is always a good idea. If your dad is a coffee drinker, a fresh bag of beans is perfect for him! Also, last chance for Monday bean special at Bully Brew before Father’s  day is tomorrow!


2. Coffee Mug

Well it can be pretty hard to have a nice cup of coffee without a coffee mug! Have the little ones stop into BB this week to decorate a mug for dad to give him an extra special gift. If you aren’t into decorating, buy the biggest one you can find at the store and pair it with a pound of his favorite beans.


3. Bully Brew Gift Card

If your dad is anything like mine, he is always on the go and needs a quick pic-me-up. Look no further! A gift card to Bully Brew gift card is perfect and fits nicely inside of a card.


4. Socks

This may seem silly, but if your dad is on his feet all day, he probably has thin or hole-y socks! I love getting my dad socks because it reminds me of little kids opening a Christmas present to find socks and underwear and they have this priceless look on their face. Agree? It might be weird if you buy your father underwear, so maybe stick to socks. These socks are great, and on sale!


5. Books

If your dad likes to read, a great gift would be some new reads! Here are a few he might like so take a peek! Dads deserve some down-time, so a nice book and some coffee is sure to make him happy.


6. Apparel

If you are looking for a gift that is a bit more personalized, Etsy is an amazing website to look into! This shirt is super 😉 Many sellers on the site will personalize with any phrase you wish, just check the description of the item!


7. Beard Stuff

Lots of dads have beards. If yours is one of those dads, get him some beard stuff! It is easy to find beard kits online. Some items might include a trimmer, a wax or paste of some sort, a comb, or some oils! 24073_1_1200px.jpg

8. Grilling Book

Is your dad the grill master? Not yet? Get him a grilling cookbook! There are several varieties you can find in-store and online. Maybe this could be his hint to make something other than burned hamburgers! (delicious and perfect burned burgers.. we love you dad)



with love and coffee,

Bully Brew ♥


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