** CHICAGO Coffee Fest ~ June 7-11, 2017 **

Bully Brew managers had a great time in Chicago this month learning everything they could about coffee and tea! Us baristas had our fun as well… Join us along this photo journey through Coffee Fest and shenanigans at the coffee shop!



It is 2 a.m. and our managers are heading to Chicago!

(Left to Right: Sarah S., Kelly W., Rihana D., Brittany K., Sandi L.)


They made it to Coffee Fest! Little did they know us baristas were “brewing” up some fun of our own back at the coffee houses…



Cold brew competition?? They didn’t even need to enter because it would be embarrassing to the other contestants. Bully Brew has the best cold brew, hands down.


Speaking of Bully Brew having the best cold brew, while our managers were away, we decided to have a BOGO 1/2 off discount on cold brew and specialty drinks, as well as a large cold brew for $2 on Friday 😉 😉


After a long day of coffee education, it was time for sightseeing and shots of something other than espresso…

brit shot

And another for Brittany just for good measure!



When bosses aren’t in charge at the coffee shops, they like to break the rules.


As the Coffee Fest continued, Kelly became a bit over-caffeinated and began thinking she could dance!



Us baristas didn’t think having a BOGO was enough fun while our superiors were out having their own fun, so we decided to show them that we could take charge and practically give away in-house coffee.


Our managers learned a ton of cool stuff this year at Coffee Fest that they brought back to the coffee shop. On their way home, they made sure to stop by UP Coffee Roasters in Minneapolis to show some love!



Kelly liked leaning how to more effectively communicate with employees. One way that she found interesting was by telling the employee something good, then explain the bad, but reinforce the good. By doing this, the employee does not feel attacked or singled out, but also knows there is something that needs improvement.

Rihana found it most interesting that all kinds of tea come from only 2 types of plants. The difference between the many different varieties of teas is the part of the plant that is used, as well as how the plant is harvested and used!

Until next time, Coffee Fest!

With love and coffee,

Bully Brew ♥



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