National Coffee Day: Recap

Happy Sunday, friends! As you know, National Coffee Day was this past Friday. Here at Bully Brew, we had so much fun! It was so nice to see all of your smiling faces coming in to join us for the best day of the year.

As you also know, we had some free coffee for some very lucky people who were nominated by their friends and loved ones via social media!


Rihana from Bully Brew on Columbia road in GF took the first coffee for the day. Officer Lampi was guiding a tour when she came by with his coffee! He had no idea that she would be coming, so when she did, he was quite surprised to hear that his friend Chris Moen nominated him. Chris said he is a great person who helps out in the community and is always at the 701 as the “check in” police. Lampi was so happy to be getting the coffee! He took a picture with us and took a selfie himself to put on facebook as well!

Next up were Nancy Yon and Brittney, who are both are states attorneys. They were in meetings but we left them coffees on their desk telling them they are amazing people doing what they do everyday! Both sent us pictures later with their coffees!

Michael Little was up next. He works as the manager at FCR near the UND bookstore. Michael was nominated by Jennifer Haugen for many reasons, but first and foremost for believing in her abilities and encouraging her to work towards her talents and not her weaknesses. Also, for always having time to talk about her ideas (even if some are crazy😜). She really appreciates him as a manager! His face lit up when he saw we brought him free coffee! Greatly appreciated the nomination!


Janice works in the music department at UND. She comes in to Bully Brew every morning before work for her brown sugar cinnamon Americano! Sandi and Rihana snuck into her office and presented her with her second Americano of the day! We appreciate you, Janice, and we will see you bright and early again Monday morning!

Jennie Belau was nominated by Krista Kujala. Here was her nomination: “My good friend Jennie for being the wonderful person she is. Always willing to lend a hand to any person (or animal), being so generous and kind, and for being a fun, caring friend!! She works from home so she had no idea we were showing up!”  When Sandi and Rihana knocked on her door, she popped her head up in the door with a questioning look. When they told her that her friend had nominated she started to tear up a little. She told them she was getting goosebumps from it. She was so happy! She told us them they had just made her day by showing up and giving her free coffee! She was even tearing up a little when we took the picture! It really made Rihana feel like they had done something really good!  She almost wanted to start crying herself! She even had dogs with her, which had they known they would have brought them a treat as well!!

Rihana truly enjoyed this year’s National Coffee Day Giveaway:

“Its amazing how people react when you bring them something just because! It makes them feel special and loved by others. Giving them the coffee makes you feel like you have really done some good in the world. It’s the small things in life that people don’t realize will make the biggest differences in someone’s life! Knowing that people have being paying attention to you and have seen what you are doing really makes you want to be a better person!”

We truly hope each and every one of you had an amazing National Coffee Day! Keep in mind for next year who you would like to nominate for some free coffee on the special day!

With love and coffee,

Bully Brew ♥



National Coffee Day contest!

Happy hump day to all of you fellow coffee lovers! We are halfway through another weekend and I wanted to give you some details on a very exciting day that we have coming up on Friday…

Friday is reason enough to celebrate each week but this Friday (September 29th) is EXTRA special. Why?? Because it’s National Coffee Day!!! Naturally, this day is as exciting for us as the Fourth of July because of how seriously we take our coffee around here.

In order to celebrate such a big day we have decided to do something special and you can find all of the details on our Facebook page! If you haven’t already make sure you “like” our page and then I will give you the details of the post you need to look for.

When you get there look for this picture:


The post was made last Friday (September 22nd) if that helps you find it! What you can do on the post is write a comment about someone who you think deserves a free coffee on Friday. This can be a friend, family member, co-workers, colleague, new acquaintance, someone you look up to, or someone you feel needs a pick me up because they have been going through some tough things lately. The list is endless!!

Make sure that you tag the person you are nominating in your comment and tell us why you think they should be one of the ten lucky recipients who will have a coffee hand-delivered to them by our Bully Brew team on Friday!

Our team hosted this same giveaway last year and we were so overwhelmed with the nominations and had a great time seeing the smiles and happy tears on the faces of the people we delivered to. Coffee truly is a sweet gift you can give to others and our team at Bully Brew is excited to make that happen for people who are special to you.

If you’ve had someone in mind the whole time you’ve been reading this post make sure you find the Facebook post and comment about them right now!! If you have any questions please comment below.

Last but not least, make sure you’re celebrating National Coffee Day on Friday by stopping in to any of our locations to enjoy these deals:

  1. In-house cup of coffee for just $1 all day!!!!
  2. BOGO 1/2 off all day!!

Have a great rest of your week 🙂

With love and coffee,

Bully Brew


Locate an Old Friend Day

Today, September 17th, is “Locate an Old Friend Day!”

The purpose of this day is to reconnect with a friend that you haven’t kept in contact with over the years.


Tracking down these old friends can be challenging. Have they moved across the country or to another continent? Do they remember me? Do they want to see me? Are they interested in meeting up and catching up like old times?

This can be difficult, but it could be well worth it in the end.

As a busy college student, there are so many friends from high school, and even middle school, that I have not kept in contact with. Thinking about this makes me sad, because I once had such a rich friendship with these people, but college and life has sent us our different ways.

I have personally found that social media makes it a bit easier to stay connected, but it is not on the same level as it used to be. This is what communicators call a “lean” relationship” whereas a face-to-face communication is considered a “rich relationship.”

Although I would much prefer a rich relationship, social media is better than nothing. I have several friends, including an ex-boyfriend, that I could only connect with through social media and texting. One is in Oklahoma, one in Scotland, another in Norway, and several in Bismarck. I even have friends who I go school with currently that I have not kept up with.

If you have old friends who you would like to reconnect with, here are some ways you can do so:

1.Reach out.

Reaching out and making contact with that person you wish to reconnect with is the first step. I have realized in my own life that they won’t always (hardly ever) reach out to you first. Send them a text, email, snapchat, Facebook message, or snail mail and let them know you want to meet up and catch up.

2. Make plans.

Once your long-lost-friend agrees to meet up, the next step is to make a plan. The ~best~ place to meet is at Bully Brew of course. Coffee shops are a great place to meet because they are casual and laid back. It’s a great choice to go to a coffee shop also because they are quiet. This way you can hear each other when you tell each other how life has been.


3. Keep in touch.

The best part of rekindling a friendship is keeping it. However, this won’t happen just by meeting once. Keeping relationships takes work. You can continue to keep in touch through social media, but you need to be more intentional on keeping up with it and making the effort. A better way to keep in touch is by making regular dates to meet up. It could be once a week, once a month, or even every couple months.

Friendship is a beautiful thing, and it should be cherished. If you are reading this and saying to yourself “I haven’t spoken to [insert name] in a while, I wonder what they’re up to,” then you should make it your goal this week to reach out, make a plan, and keep in touch.

With love and coffee,

Bully Brew ♥

Be Late for Something Day

September 5th is Be Late for Something Day.

It is rumored to have been created by the Procrastinator’s Club of America.

The purpose of Be Late for Something Day is to consciously slow down instead of rush through the day. On Tuesday, don’t look at the clock, take a deep breath, and just slow down.

For me, this holiday gives me anxiety. I am always setting alarms and looking at the clock and planning out each hour. The thought of purposely being late for class Tuesday morning makes me shake with fear.

Now for many others, this is their normal way of life. Being late. And I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that! You do you. I almost envy people like this because I want to be laid back like they seem to be.


If you would like to participate in Be Late for Something Day, here are a few ways to do so:

  • Come to Bully Brew on your way to work or class, but don’t allow yourself extra time to do so.
  • If you have plans to meet with someone, call them and tell them you’ll be running late. Proceed to sit on the couch for another 10 minutes.
  • Leave your house late for work on purpose (again, your boss would really love a heads up!)
  • Leave for class at your normal time, but go get breakfast first. If you’re going to be late for class, might as well get food to make it worth it.
  • Hit snooze several more times.
  • Purposely take a bad parking spot so it will take longer to reach your destination.
  • Stop for yellow lights instead of running them.



You see, there are a lot of ways to be late, and we have only named a few. You could be late for dinner with family, be late for your own wedding, be late picking up the kids from daycare or school… the list goes on!

However, it is important that you be considerate. Don’t show up 30 minutes late for a date without letting them know you’re running behind schedule. And professors, remember if you are more than 15 minutes late, your students will leave.

This year, your being late could win you a free coffee from Bully Brew! We want to know how you plan on being late. Snap a picture of you being late (yes, take time to stop and take a picture) and post it in the comments of this Facebook post! One lucky winner will get a free coffee. Post pictures with descriptions by September 8.

With love and coffee,

Bully Brew ♥

Back to School

It’s just that time of year again.

Days are getting shorter, nights are getting cooler, and buying paper plates for a backyard cookout is now traded for buying paper and school supplies.

Oh how we wish we could spend another long weekend at the lake cabin (aside from Labor Day), but the reality is, school is back in session.

Now, you might be reading this and you say to yourself, “I don’t have kids!” or “I don’t have kids in school!” Even if you are saying this, you are still affected by the back-to-school craziness. Have you been to Target or Walmart lately? If you have, you might have noticed the stores have completely been taken over by families and students shopping for school supplies.

Have you driven near UND or NDSU in the last week or two? Surely you have noticed more and more students arriving!

If you are a PARENT of a student, whether elementary school, junior high, high school, college, or graduate school… you know it can be crazy.

If you are a STUDENT. You know it can be crazy.

Coffee break

Well once again, obviously, Bully Brew is here to save the day! Let us help!

Now, I may be a biased college student that works at Bully Brew, HOWEVER, I can say that the best thing you can get for your student is a gift card for Bully Brew.

I had an addiction to coffee long before starting college and working at Bully Brew, but once I moved to Grand Forks, on of my first connections that made me feel at home was a local coffee shop. I needed a small, quiet place to go to feel like I had a grip on college life.

If your kids are in high school even, it can be really helpful to get them a Bully Brew gift card so they can get out of the house to study! It is also really great for nights out with friends before they head away for college (please try not to cry high school senior parents).

Since classes start on Monday for the majority of students, it would be a super sweet gesture to slip your student a gift card!

I remember in high school, one of my good friends would be digging through her backpack in the middle of the day and find a note or a gift card or money or whatever from her mom and I thought it was just so cute!

Now imagine your student (or best friend or boyfriend or girlfriend or roommate) looking through their stuff and they find a gift card for coffee ♥

In the comments of the original post in Facebook, tag a student who deserves a free coffee to start their year off right, and be sure to tell us why they deserve it!!

With love and coffee,

Bully Brew ♥

Coffee as Fuel for Exercise

You’ve probably already noticed that at Bully Brew we believe coffee is a miraculous thing. It’s a super hero disguised as a bean!! Coffee can do some many things for you and it has a lot of health benefits when consumed in reasonable amounts….we know the “reasonable amounts” part can be hard; but we are here to help!!

One of the somewhat hidden superpowers of coffee is the abilities it has to help improve your metabolism and serve as a fuel for exercise. I came upon this tidbit of information earlier this year when I was reading some articles online about the best foods to eat pre and post run when I was training for a race. Nutrition is always tricky and I felt like I was hearing a lot of different messages when it came to what was best to eat to get my body ready for exercise. I was surprised (PLEASANTLY surprised!!) to see coffee on the list.


Coffee not only helps to give you a boost before your workout from an energy standpoint and caffeine: it also can help to activate your metabolism and bump up the fat-burning mechanisms in your body prior to exercising. This will allow your body to kick into fat-burning mode faster and increasing that potential throughout your workout.

Those of you that are folks who prefer to exercise in the early AM are probably more than open to giving a cup of coffee a shot before you hit the gym or start your run/yoga/bike ride, etc. This will help you to get in a good mindset as your prepare to stimulate your body through exercise and help you feel even more motivated and ready to get after the day! One cup prior to your workout may have you feeling like you’re missing that cup of coffee as you get ready for work or first get to the office….

In this case  I would say the more the merrier 🙂 Pour yourself a second cup because coffee also is a positive thing to drink AFTER a workout because it can help to lessen the likelihood of extreme muscle soreness.

th (6)

Others (myself included) may tend to plan their workouts for after work or in the evening depending on your schedule. Typically I attend something like a spin class or other exercise class following work a couple of days per week. At first I found it really odd to prepare a mug of coffee at the end of the work day but once I started the habit I love the way it has improved my feelings and performance during my workouts. I usually enjoy a hot cup of coffee on my drive to the studio or gym. Then when I hop on my spin bike or get my shoes laced up I am starting to feel the effects of the caffeine and the energy level. I have found that when I fuel myself with coffee prior to my class or workout I get more out of it. I feel focused and my body feels in peak condition and ready to work hard!

I hope you’ll consider giving some coffee a try prior to your next workout! If the first time feels strange give it a try for awhile and I believe that after a few attempts you will be in the same boat as me! Thanks for reading and we will be back again soon with some more coffee-loving wisdom

With love and coffee,

Bully Brew

Coffee Makes You Poop.

There are may amazing benefits of drinking coffee, but have you ever found yourself needing to use the bathroom after a few cups? Here’s why:

Coffee naturally helps in stimulating contractions in the stomach and colon. These contractions therefore stimulate movement in the colon and ~voila~!


Along with colon contractions, coffee also makes the gallbladder release bile into the intestines, causing increased bowel movement, and once again ~voila~!

Believe it or not, it’s not the caffeine in coffee that increases our urge to find the nearest restroom after we finish a latte. Drinking a can of pop just doesn’t have the same effect.


Although there isn’t extensive research into the relationship between coffee and pooping, it is believed that it is the acid in coffee more than the caffeine or other factors that make us gotta go!

Coffee also releases a hormone called gastrin, which releases acid (bile) into the intestine.

According to some research, the effect decreases over time the more coffee you drink.


This just means that you can come in to Bully Brew, order an in-house mug or latte or mocha or whatever you please, use our bathroom, and continue on with your day.

So there you gave it, the simple unknown science of why coffee makes you poop.

With love and coffee,

Bully Brew ♥