Chicago Coffee Fest Recap

** CHICAGO Coffee Fest ~ June 7-11, 2017 **

Bully Brew managers had a great time in Chicago this month learning everything they could about coffee and tea! Us baristas had our fun as well… Join us along this photo journey through Coffee Fest and shenanigans at the coffee shop!



It is 2 a.m. and our managers are heading to Chicago!

(Left to Right: Sarah S., Kelly W., Rihana D., Brittany K., Sandi L.)


They made it to Coffee Fest! Little did they know us baristas were “brewing” up some fun of our own back at the coffee houses…



Cold brew competition?? They didn’t even need to enter because it would be embarrassing to the other contestants. Bully Brew has the best cold brew, hands down.


Speaking of Bully Brew having the best cold brew, while our managers were away, we decided to have a BOGO 1/2 off discount on cold brew and specialty drinks, as well as a large cold brew for $2 on Friday 😉 😉


After a long day of coffee education, it was time for sightseeing and shots of something other than espresso…

brit shot

And another for Brittany just for good measure!



When bosses aren’t in charge at the coffee shops, they like to break the rules.


As the Coffee Fest continued, Kelly became a bit over-caffeinated and began thinking she could dance!



Us baristas didn’t think having a BOGO was enough fun while our superiors were out having their own fun, so we decided to show them that we could take charge and practically give away in-house coffee.


Our managers learned a ton of cool stuff this year at Coffee Fest that they brought back to the coffee shop. On their way home, they made sure to stop by UP Coffee Roasters in Minneapolis to show some love!



Kelly liked leaning how to more effectively communicate with employees. One way that she found interesting was by telling the employee something good, then explain the bad, but reinforce the good. By doing this, the employee does not feel attacked or singled out, but also knows there is something that needs improvement.

Rihana found it most interesting that all kinds of tea come from only 2 types of plants. The difference between the many different varieties of teas is the part of the plant that is used, as well as how the plant is harvested and used!

Until next time, Coffee Fest!

With love and coffee,

Bully Brew ♥


Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Dad’s day!

Dad’s are not always easy to shop for, I think we can all agree. I always get my dad the same thing each year (huge bag of peanut M&Ms) but he really doesn’t need that! In this edition of the #bullybrewblog we will help you with finding the perfect gift for the dad in your life!

  1. Coffee

Coffee is always a good idea. If your dad is a coffee drinker, a fresh bag of beans is perfect for him! Also, last chance for Monday bean special at Bully Brew before Father’s  day is tomorrow!


2. Coffee Mug

Well it can be pretty hard to have a nice cup of coffee without a coffee mug! Have the little ones stop into BB this week to decorate a mug for dad to give him an extra special gift. If you aren’t into decorating, buy the biggest one you can find at the store and pair it with a pound of his favorite beans.


3. Bully Brew Gift Card

If your dad is anything like mine, he is always on the go and needs a quick pic-me-up. Look no further! A gift card to Bully Brew gift card is perfect and fits nicely inside of a card.


4. Socks

This may seem silly, but if your dad is on his feet all day, he probably has thin or hole-y socks! I love getting my dad socks because it reminds me of little kids opening a Christmas present to find socks and underwear and they have this priceless look on their face. Agree? It might be weird if you buy your father underwear, so maybe stick to socks. These socks are great, and on sale!


5. Books

If your dad likes to read, a great gift would be some new reads! Here are a few he might like so take a peek! Dads deserve some down-time, so a nice book and some coffee is sure to make him happy.


6. Apparel

If you are looking for a gift that is a bit more personalized, Etsy is an amazing website to look into! This shirt is super 😉 Many sellers on the site will personalize with any phrase you wish, just check the description of the item!


7. Beard Stuff

Lots of dads have beards. If yours is one of those dads, get him some beard stuff! It is easy to find beard kits online. Some items might include a trimmer, a wax or paste of some sort, a comb, or some oils! 24073_1_1200px.jpg

8. Grilling Book

Is your dad the grill master? Not yet? Get him a grilling cookbook! There are several varieties you can find in-store and online. Maybe this could be his hint to make something other than burned hamburgers! (delicious and perfect burned burgers.. we love you dad)



with love and coffee,

Bully Brew ♥

Motherly Advice

We hope you all had a lovely Mother’s Day, whether you were celebrating or being celebrated! This week we would like to look at some of the best advice our Facebook friends have gotten from their mother!

We asked our friends on Facebook to post a picture of them with their mom and the best advice she has given them. Nancy Darlene was our winner!

“One of the best pieces of advice my Mom gave me was to take time for myself and my husband, away from the kids. Nurture the relationship and the kids will be blessed in return.”


Great Advice!

Here is more motherly advice:

“Say what I’m feeling, even if others don’t like it” – Kaylie Davidson

“Whatever life sends you meet it head on” – Amanda Wixo Filipy

“Always trust my gut” – Katy Corbiel

“An education is the best weapon” – Lindsey Anderson

“When you want to give up take a break, drink some coffee and eat a cupcake then try it again and when all else fails just call mom” – Melissa Krause Haskins

Moms are such a blessing in our lives. As I type this, my mom is texting me and helping me figure out a payment plan on my student loans. She could be asleep, or enjoying time with my younger sister who is home for the summer, or she could be enjoying time all to herself, yet she chooses to help me with my finances on a Sunday night.

My mom and grandma are my best friends. No matter how many times I mess up, no matter if I win or lose, no matter if I’m happy or in tears, they are always there for me. My mom will send me random messages at night of pictures of my cats in her bed, and my grandma will text (try to text) me and ask me how life is in college and what I’m doing right now and next week.

The best advise my grandma gave my mom, who in turn gave to me, was that everything always works itself out in the end. Every time I feel overwhelmed in a situation and I feel trapped or lost, I can hear those words in my mind. I have always found those words to be true!



Moms never get a day off from being a mom. Mothers Day is a very special day dedicated to the mothers and motherly figures in our lives so that we can thank them for everything they have done!


Thank you, Moms.


With love and coffee,

Bully Brew ♥

Appreciating our Administrative Professionals

Mark your calendars for this Wednesday, April 26th to celebrate the Administrative Professionals in your life. Many of you may work in a traditional office setting and you have that superstar who somehow manages to keep you and the rest of your office mates on the same page. Others of you may not have someone like that in your office but know others who work in similar professions.

Since our world is turning away from the “traditional” model of work settings in many cases a lot of us may also know people who have all of traits and skills of an admin worker in an office and they put those skills to use by running their own in-home business, take on the challenge of starting their own business, or use the skills to just simply run their household.

Individuals who we could consider “pros” in the administrative sector possess a lot of skills that are hard to master. Some of the biggest ones that come to mind are:

  •   Communications skills of all kinds – specifically phone skills:
    • As our technology landscape changes fewer and fewer people want to talk on the phone. Younger generations spend more of their time communicating through texts and apps in their personal lives and then email in the workplace. Having the skill of phone etiquette and the ability to make phones calls, leave detailed and concise messages, and convey friendliness over the phone is far from easy.
  • Planning and Organization:
    • The administrative assistant at my office is the scheduling queen. She knows how to keep myself and my coworkers in order with our appointments, keeps our calendars in check, and helps to greet everyone who arrives at the office and get them set up with their next steps.
    • She also does a fantastic job of planning for events and when we have things happening outside of the office she knows all of the supplies and materials we will need. She gets us packed up and prepared so that we arrive with everything we need and look put together 🙂
  • Computer and Filing:
    • Other common duties of an admin role surround the organization of physical and electronic files. As most companies move to entirely electronic storage of records there is a lot of data to keep track of and ensure is easy to access by anyone that needs it. I have also seen many filing cabinets and backrooms that are DISASTROUS but if you send someone with a knack for organization to tackle it you will be amazed at what they can do to get things in order.
  • General Friendliness and Patience:
    • I am always thankful for people who can be unfailingly friendly and nice to everyone they meet; no matter the situation. I also happen to be someone who could use some assistance in the patience category because it’s a trait that has often been difficult for me to exercise. This makes me especially thankful for co-workers and others that I know who can always exhibit a calm grace with others even when situations get difficult.

If after reading these qualities you are thinking of a few people in your head who you know contribute these skill to your office, life, and family then you have someone to be VERY thankful for this coming Wednesday 🙂

This day poses the perfect opportunity for you to show him or her how much you appreciate them and the excellent work that they do. As I had mentioned earlier I think our office manager is the person who keeps us glued together with our heads on straight!! Without her I would have a difficult time getting my job done well or even getting my job done at all!

My plan is to take a trip to Bully Brew either right away in the morning or on my lunch break on Wednesday to pick up her favorite drink and a treat to show her how much I appreciate all that she does for our office. It might be a small token in comparison to the size of the thanks I’m looking to give but sometimes the smallest gifts can make the largest impacts.

When you swing in to do the same for your favorite (or multiple favorite!) administrative professionals on Wednesday make sure you ask your friendly Bully Brew barista if you are looking for some recommendations or new drinks to try our new sweet treats that might make a great addition to your gift!

Have a wonderful week! With love and coffee,

Bully Brew



Earth Day

Earth Day is April 22nd!

Bully Brew encourages you to bring in your own cup or have an in-house mug! We also greatly appreciate if you leave your cup sleeves to be reused!

One super cool thing about Earth Day is that it is always April 22., marking the anniversary of the modern environmental movement that began in 1970! It’s also super cool that each year has a different campaign. 2017’s campaign is environmental and climate literacy. This means becoming more educated and aware of the threats of climate change as well as environmental laws and climate laws.

It sounds like a lot, but Earth Day is about taking care of our planet!

The Earth Day Network provides a lot of great information if you are curious about learning more about this year’s campaign.

Here at Bully Brew, we want to join with you (YES YOU) in caring for our Earth!

One way that you can do your part in taking care of the planet is by picking up trash. It’s not as gross as you might think, though. North Dakota can often become cluttered with trash when winds blow and garbage flies around and gets caught in fences and stuck in ditches. All you need is a large trash bag and some gloves. Head out around your neighborhood with a few friends and pick up some garbage! Just make sure you dispose of the bag when you are finished.

Another easy thing you can do is reuse. You can find a ton of ideas on ways to reuse bottles, milk jugs, etc. You can save plastic grocery bags from the store and use them to store things around your house, or use them as small trash bags. Even better yet, you can get reusable shopping bags and keep them in your car. We also have another blog completely about reduce, reuse, and recycle so check it out!

Saving energy is a great way to help the Earth. All too often we leave the lights or TV on when we leave a room, but it is so easy to flip the switch and save energy. Another way to save energy is by running your washer with cold water rather than warm. Clothes still get clean and it also saves you money, so WIN-WIN.

Save water. This is hard for a lot of us, unfortunately. A long hot shower is just so nice after a long day, you know? But saving the planet feels even better. When washing your dishes, a half sink of water cleans just as well as a completely full sink.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Grand Forks and Fargo have events going on around town to take part in Earth Day 2017:

Grand Forks Public Learning Garden

UND Dining Center

NDSU Campus Live: Earth Day Celebration                                      earth-hands-jpg

And so much more!


With love and coffee,

Bully Brew ♥


Celebrating National Siblings Day

Tomorrow is one of our previously mentioned “Reasons to Celebrate in April”…it’s National Siblings Day!

April 10th is a special day that is meant to be used as a way to honor the relationship between you and your siblings. Whether that is one brother or sister, or 5!

I was lucky enough to grow up with a younger brother. Even though a lot of days were far from “sunshine and roses” I wouldn’t trade being able to have such a special sibling relationship for the world. When we were younger it was always the best to have a built in playmate, support system, and maybe someone to gang up on mom and dad with (haha!)

During our middle and high school years it felt more difficult to connect because we had different interests and were both going through awkward stages of life where it’s not always “cool” to be close with your siblings. I am three years older than my brother and when I moved away for college it was a tough transition moving to a new city away from my family.

I feel that when I left the house I became closer with my brother and we stayed in contact a lot more when we had been apart for weeks or months at a time. Three years later when it came time for my brother to choose a college I was thrilled when he decided to move to Fargo and attend the same school as me!

We spent a year of overlap at NDSU together, myself as a senior and him as a freshman. We had a lot of fun meeting up with each other on campus to eat at the dining center or going out for dinner every once and awhile to catch up and see how everything was going. Now I am wrapped up with college, working in a full-time career, attending grad school part time, and living back in my hometown of Grand Forks. My brother attended NDSU for his first two years, but just this past summer he made a big move and transfer to the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota in the twin cities. It’s been especially tough to have him 4-5 hours away now that we have grown in to an adult sibling relationship. But I am so happy that current technology allows us to FaceTime and text throughout the weeks to keep caught up with eachother’s lives.

Even though I won’t get to be with my brother tomorrow to celebrate National Siblings Day, I was able to see him this weekend for the first time since February!! We shared a cup of coffee today so that will have to carry me to tomorrow 🙂

Those of you that have siblings: Take some time out of your day tomorrow to do something special for them or just give them a call to remind them how much they mean to you. If you live in the same town as them, grab lunch with them or swing by their office in the afternoon to deliver their favorite coffee drink from Bully Brew!!

Here is a photo of me and my brother Brady! Please share photos of your siblings; we would love to see them!!



With love and coffee,


Bully Brew

Best April Fools Pranks

Happy April from all of us here at Bully Brew!

Yesterday was April Fool’s Day. Today we look back at some of the funniest, cruelest, and most iconic pranks!

  • Decaf
    • As an avid coffee lover, we would be very angry if someone swapped our usual morning latte for a decaf latte. We rely on the morning jolt to make it through the day! However, if you aren’t the one on the receiving end, this can be quite funny! (p.s. No customers were given decaf yesterday unless requested!)


  • Meatball Cake Pop
    • This one is cruel. You see a beautiful cake pop, frosted a pearly white with a sugar decoration and sprinkles. Your mouth waters and as you bite in….. meatball. If they had a BBQ glaze it would make a great appetizer, but not so much with frosting and sprinkles.


  • Bouillon Shower
    • Step 1: Remove shower head
    • Step 2: Place bouillon cube in shower head
    • Step 3: Replace shower head
    • Step 4: Prepare to be hated and never trusted again


  • Macaroni cheese powder drink
    • This is too funny! Take the cheese powder from a package of boxed macaroni and cheese and an empty orange juice bottle and let the fun begin! Simply empty the cheese powder into the empty bottle, add warm water and mix until dissolved, and place in fridge for the victim to grab. Muahaha.




For other ideas to get a head start for next year, check out!

What is the best/worse prank you have ever pulled? Have you had any good pranks pulled on you?? Let us know!

With love and coffee,

Bully Brew Coffee ♥